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Book a vacation Apartments Rentals in Paris

1. How to book?

First send a booking request by email .

If the requested period is available, a 50% deposit of the total rent will be required for booking.

The deposit can be sent either by bank transfer (swift ), with www.paypal.com (please note that a 4% fee apply) or with Credit card Visa, Master Card (2% fee apply).

2. The Contract

Following any booking confirmation (only when i receive you payment) , a contract established in your name and identifying the dates of your stay will be forwarded to you by e-mail. Please print this contract, as you will find all of the important information concerning your rental in Paris.

3. Payment

Balance of payment should be paid in cash (euros) upon arrival.

3. Your Stay in Paris

The apartment is available from day one and must be vacant on the last day of contract at 11am, unless otherwise stated with the owner. You will take the key in our agency from 5pm.

4. Security Deposit

A security deposit according to the duration of your lease will be required (more than 2 week)

The security deposit must be paid, either by cash (Euros) upon arrival, or a minimum of 8 days before arrival, through a bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card.

The security deposit will be returned in full to the tenant within one week if upon checking out nothing is reported damaged, lost or broken.

5. Cancellation policy

In the case of cancellation more than 60 days before the beginning of the stay, the deposit, minus 10% to cover cancellation expenses, will be returned to the tenant.If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, 50% of the deposit will be returned to the tenant. For cancellation later than this date, no refund will be possible.In case of "no show" or cancellation the day of arrival, 100% of the price have to be paid.  If the customer change the dates of the stay, it will loose the deposit in the same condition that a cancellation.  We strongly recommend you to suscribe an insurance : Cancellation insurance available


More Information

The General Terms


This rental is made on the terms and charges written in your contract and on the following general terms :



This rental is entered into for a temporary and holiday residence. The premises may not be used as a main or even secondary home and the tenant may not conduct any sales, craftwork or professional business therein.

As a result, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the civil code as well as by the terms specified herein.


  1. 2-TERM

The rental term is specified in the contract.

The rental is entered into for a period specified in advance starting on the first agreed date at 5.00 pm and ending on the last agreed date, at 11.00 am

The lease shall stop automatically at the end of the term specified in the contract, without any need for any notice. The rental term shall not be extended without the prior agreement of Apartment Paris.



- Reservation by the tenant
The tenant books the dwelling by sending a request for estimate to Apartment Paris and by paying either an instalment or the whole rent amount.

He acknowledges, by sending his request for estimate, that he agrees to the provisions of these general terms and that he has read the description statement of the apartment covered by his request for estimate.


- Confirmation by Apartment Paris

Within maximum15 days as from the receipt of the payment of the instalment or the whole rent amount, Apartment Paris sends an e-mail



On the tenant’s formal request and subject to an agreement between the parties, Apartment Paris may keep that amount to rent another apartment, or for another period. In that case, the parties’ agreement is complete upon the sending of another e-mail by Apartment Paris. The contract is sent to the tenant one month before the beginning of the stay. The balance of the rental price is payable by the tenant when the keys are collected.



In the event of any cancellation by the tenant 60 days and more before the beginning of the stay, the instalment shall be refunded, minus 10 % to cover booking costs. If the cancellation is made between the thirtieth and the fifty ninth day before the beginning of the stay, 50 % of the instalment shall be refunded. In the event of any cancellation less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, no refund will be possible. in case of cancellation by the tenant the day of arrival, or no show, all the price of the rent have to be paid.


In the event of cancellation by Apartment Paris, the full instalment shall be refunded, plus possible booking or payment costs.

In addition, if the cancellation is made 60 days or more before the beginning of the stay Apartment Paris shall pay the tenant a 10 % compensation on the paid instalment amount. If the cancellation takes place between the thirtieth and the fifty ninth day before the beginning of the stay, Apartment Paris shall pay the tenant a 50 % compensation on the paid instalment. If the cancellation takes place less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, Apartment Paris shall pay the tenant a compensation in the amount of 100 % of the paid instalment amount.



The compensation specified in the above paragraph shall not be paid to the tenant if the cancellation is due to a force majeure event or if a dwelling proposal is made to the tenant for the respective period, and with equivalent prices and services.



The rent, tax, possible expense and deposit amounts are specified in the contract.


Upon arrival and at the latest when the keys are collected, the tenant shall pay the balance of the rent amount.


As the key delivery is automated, the balance of the rent should be deposited in the special safe. It shall be paid in euros. It may be paid in cash, French cheque, Credit card (before arrival) or traveller cheques.


Failing the payment of the balance of the rent upon collecting the keys, a EUR 20 amount shall be charged to the tenant, payable on the day after the arrival.


For stays of at least 30 days, the tenant should pay, when collecting the keys, an amount specified in the contract, as a guarantee deposit, intended to cover Apartment Paris for any deterioration he may commit during the rental period and any product found missing when he leaves.


The guarantee deposit shall not bear interests, and shall not be considered as the payment of part of the rent.


The guarantee deposit shall be returned after deducting possible rental repairs, within 60 days after the departure of the tenant.


Whatever the duration of the period, any item lost, broken, deteriorated or damaged should be replaced or reimbursed to Apartment Paris at its replacement value, by the tenant.


The return of the keys to Apartment Paris at the end of the rental does not imply Apartment Paris’s waiver of the compensation for rental repair.


A fixed amount shall be kept for the premises cleaning. That amount is specified in the contract.



The premises under this agreement should not be occupied by a number of people exceeding that specified in the contract, unless otherwise agreed by Apartment Paris. As needed, Apartment Paris may request additional rent, or deny entrance.



The tenant should be insured by a well known insurance company against theft risks, fire and water damages, both for rental risks and for the rented furniture, as well as for neighbours’ claims, and furnish evidence thereof on Apartment Paris’s request

As a result, Apartment Paris declines any liability for any action that its insurance company could exercise against the tenant in the event of a claim.



- Occupy the premises carefully, excluding the conduct of any business, profession or industry, as the tenant acknowledges that the rental is granted as a temporary and holiday residence, an essential condition without which this rent would not have been granted.

- Use the premises peacefully

- Do nothing, itself or its family or friends, that could harm the peace of the neighbourhood or of the other occupants or disturb them in any way, including noise

- In the event of a collective building, comply with the property’s policies in the capacity as occupant of the premises.

- Occupy the premises personally and not sub-let any part of the premises, even free of charge, or transfer his rights to this rent, unless otherwise agreed by Apartment Paris and under penalty of the automatic termination hereof.

- Not store any furnishing furniture, except for laundry and small items.

- Not make any modification or change in the layout of the furniture and premises.

- Hand no clothes or linen on the balcony

- Refrain from making any change to the gas, electricity and water systems existing on the leased premises.



- Introduce no animal on the rented premises, without Apartment Paris’s prior authorisation, such authorisation being subject to the fact that the animal will cause no damage to the property and no disturbance in the neighbourhood.

- Let perform, during the rental, on the rented premises, any emergency work that cannot be postponed.

- Keep and return the rented premises in good clean condition and repaired at the end of the stay, including the electrical and bathroom facilities, the repair of which the tenant shall be made responsible for should they deteriorate as a result of his negligence or improper maintenance during the rental.

- Not throw waste, debris, tampons, wipes and household water in the yards, in the toilets and ducts of any sort.

- Immediately inform the lessor of any event and of any exteriorisation occurring on the leased premises, even if there is no visible damage. Failing his doing so he shall be responsible for any loss of any sort resulting from his silence or delay.

- Be responsible for any deterioration or loss occurring due to his fault or that of his family during the possession of the premises, unless he proves that they took place through no fault by him or his family.



- Deliver the rented premises in good use and repair condition, as well as the facilities mentioned in the contract, in good working order.

- Ensure the tenant’s peaceful enjoyment of the leased premises and guarantee it against the defects and failure likely to prevent the same.

- Keep the premises in condition to be used according to the intended purpose.

- Unless in the event of an obvious emergency, not carry out any work on the leased premises during the rental period. Any work will result in compensation to the tenant, for the enjoyment disturbance sustained

- In the event of force majeure making the chosen dwelling non inhabitable, offer the tenant either a same size dwelling (or larger) with the same (or better) services without any possible discount, or a smaller size dwelling with lower services, with a discount.



The tenant waives any liability proceedings or claim against Apartment Paris in the event of :
1°) theft, attempted theft, any tort or assault that the tenant could be victim of on the leased premises ; the tenant formally waives the benefit of article 1719 paragraph 3 of the civil code, and
Apartment Paris declines any duty of monitoring ;


2°) irregularities, improper operation or interruption of the elevators, of the water, electricity, gas, telephone, AC, electrical generator systems, of any information system and of the collective services or communal facilities of the property or rented dwelling ;


3°) damages caused to the leased premises and / or any piece of furniture therein as a result of leaks, infiltration, humidity or other circumstances ;


4°) actions causing damages by the other occupants of the property ;


5°) late arrival of the tenant on the premises, due to transportation difficulties ;


6°) disturbance, including noise, likely to take place outside the dwelling ;


7°) accidents occurring on the rented premises or in connection therewith, during the term of the lease, whatever the cause thereof ;


8°) any malfunctioning of the Internet or cable television, or in the event of any incompatibility between the dwelling(s equipment and that of the tenant.



For the performance hereof, the parties’ official address shall be at their respective addresses specified in the contract or provided when booking.



In the event of any doubt regarding the interpretation of these general terms of sale, the French version shall prevail over the English version.